A music player with amazing visual and technical features


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Stellio is an amazing music player that lets you modify its entire appearance thanks to the wide variety of themes it includes. You can also give you songs a custom touch by adjusting your personal preferences whenever you want. Enjoy your music in a new way with this amazing player.

First and foremost, Stellio is a music player with an amazing engine that lets you modify songs with its equalizer's 12 different adjustments. It also has crossfade capabilities, smoothly fading one song into another for seamless listening so you can enjoy songs as they were intended to be enjoyed. Besides these features, Stellio also includes 13 sound effects and is compatible with tons of different formats, so you can listen to any song you want without worrying about compatibility.

Stellio is also incredibly customizable, giving you tons of options for changing the interface's appearance. You can also find the lyrics for any song you're listening to thanks to its online search feature, plus add tags to songs to take advantage of smart playlists. There's even a timer you can set, after which the music stops playing. You can also shake your smartphone to change the song, create animations for transitions, and customize your lock screen.

All this to say, Stellio is an absolutely incredible music player with tons of customization options and useful features you're sure to enjoy.
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